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Brush Strokes


Tattoo aftercare is important to keeping your tattoo looking good but also taking care of your skin. A tattoo is an open wound so follow our aftercare instructions carefully to prevent infection and unnecessary scarring. Find your tattoo healing instructions below. 


Leave first bandages on for 24 hours. If your tattoo exudes plasma, it is common with heavy saturation and color work.


The tattoo must be washed with antibacterial soap. (glycerin free, dye free, and fragrance free)


Pat dry with paper towel and apply a thin layer of ointment to the tattoo.


Apple a new medical bandage. (The second application can be worn for up to 4 days, but no longer than 5 days.)

Brush Strokes

Note: Wipe down the surrounding area of the tattoo with mineral oil to remove the adhesive residue from the medical patch!!

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