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About Us

Learn more about our story and why we love what we do. You can also find information about products that we use and aftercare instructions.


Based in Tampa, Florida, Jhonnathan Camacho has been showcasing his love and passion for Art of Tattooing for over 7 years. His passion for art is showcased through the care, safety and, skill. His love for tattooing stems from his love of art and you can find Jhonn sketching and painting when he's not with clients. 

Jhonnathan has also found passion in medical tattooing and feels that everyone should love the body they are living in. He has taken on clients that are seeking areola tattooing to cover up scarring from battling breast cancer but also clients that are looking to have a visibly fuller head of hair. His love for tatooing is endless and he truly wants his clients to feel comfortable. 

To learn more about the Shades of Blak services, browse our site or call us to chat. 


8315 Gunn Highway

Tampa, FL 33626

Tel: (813) 927 - 6447

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